B.D.E.S. Virtual Closet

As I look to the future of our parades and continuing the tradition, pride, and beauty of our heritage, I realize that we face an exciting and challenging task. This is especially true in these tough economic times. As queen coordinator, I am committed and honored to upholding those traditions and the beauty of Queen Isabel as best as possible.

I am sending this out to you, our members, as I would like to start a virtual cape/dress "closet". Here's my idea: Benicia's Holy Ghost has a history of over 100 years. That's a lot of parades and a lot of capes and dresses! If you have a cape or a dress, that you would be honored to have a future queen wear, I would like to have a list (or a "closet") of who has what. Then if a queen's family doesn't have the resources to find a cape or can't get a dress, they would contact me. I could check the "closet" and problem solved. All done very discretely and via our computers!! It sure would save a lot of stress for people who don't have any idea where to begin to look for these items, and it may be the only thing standing in their way of getting involved.

I understand that some capes are sentimental and that they were custom made. Wouldn't you feel proud to help one of our future queens feel the way you did when you were queen or your daughters and granddaughters participated in our parades? Think of what an honor it would be to the person who made your cape. Keep in mind that this is representing Queen Isabel, who devoted her life to helping others. The Holy Ghost Committee would cover the cost of new plastic for protecting street length capes and cleaning, if necessary.

Please contact me if you would be able to allow a queen to borrow any capes or dresses that you may have. Please be sure to include the style, size, and colors, of capes or dresses. We especially need capes but will take any donation that you may have, including side maid dresses and accessories.

I feel that this will allow us to preserve and honor the traditions of the past, along with preserving the beauty of Queen Isabel and ensuring the successful participation of future queens in Benicia.

Thank you,

Michele R. Hamblin, Parade Coordinator
Benicia Holy Ghost Committee
(707) 450-5820